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OSA Hurricane Relief – Sept 30 Update

OSA Hurricane Relief – Sept 30 Update
By Rusty Thomas

Dear Champion of the Lord and the Preborn,

The Lord richly bless you!  Just returned from our miraculous journey to the storm-torn areas affected by Rita.  I stand amazed at the swiftness of the Lord and the response of His people.  Whatever and wherever we turned our hand to or spoke with our mouths it was blessed by the Lord.  This was an answer to a specific prayer offered by my children as they prayerfully sent out their dad to do the Lord's work.

In two short days, by God's grace, we were able to help communities with initial supplies, prayers, and the love of Jesus Christ.  We met with pastors, imparted vision and mission in the midst of this disaster, set up a base of operations, and as I write trucks filled with supplies are heading to the border towns of TX and LA.  The “Calvary” is on its way.

The Churches are banding together in a united vision.  They want the Lord's Church, not FEMA, Red Cross, or any other entity to be used to overcome the challenges left by Rita.  They desire everything to be done through the Church and in the name of Jesus to provide the practical and spiritual needs of their communities.  Operation Save America, Pass the Salt, and Pastor Fritz from His Eternal Power Ministries are working together to make that vision and mission possible for the local Churches.

Some of you have called requesting to help financially with our relief efforts.  The above mentioned ministries, Operation Save America and Pass the Salt, are ministries that are worthy of support.  These are the men and ministries who have stood against the Spirit of the Age, the idols of the land, and have consistently and publicly warned America of God's impending judgments.  Now that they have come, these are also the men and ministries that were some of the first to respond with the gospel, prayers, supplies, and man power to help alleviate the suffering.

Here are their addresses if you are moved of God's Spirit to help them help others.  The biggest need right now is finances for fuel.  They have tons of supplies lined up and ready to go.  We just need money to fuel up those trucks and send them on their way.  I talked with Coach Daubenmire and he said they have raised half the money to get some of the trucks on the road.  They need another $7,500.00 to get the remaining trucks with supplies to those who have the need.

Operation Save America
P.O. Box 740066
Dallas, TX 75374


Pass The Salt
Box 744
Hebron, Ohio   43025