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OSA Hurricane Relief Report 29 Sept. 2005

OSA Hurricane Relief Report
29 Sept. 2005

Flip Benham with Brenda Spurlock 

Flip spoke with Rusty this morning, 29 Sept 2005. Rusty and Gib are in Merryville, La. Gib has distributed all the food that he loaded in the RV and we have food and water coming down from Wichita, KS tomorrow afternoon. The Minutemen of Ohio are bringing two semi's loaded with food and water from Ohio.

Our contact person at this point is Pastor Squires of the First Baptist Church in Merryville. His phone no. is 337-825-0696. Pastor Snyder of the First Apostolic Church of Merryville has been a great help in this endeavor also. Rest assured that a loaf of bread and The Bread of Life both are being freely distributed.

Flip and family will be coming into Merryville Sunday night or Monday morning as the relief effort continues.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you in Wichita, KS. Flip, Keith, Rusty, Brother Bill Shanks and many other friends will be there. We will reload in Wichita at the end of the event, and will bring supplies south to Louisiana.

Donna Lippoldt's mom,(we affectionately call her Miss LaVern), has been stabilized and is out of intensive care. Jesus, thank you, that Miss LaVern is doing better.

God has allowed us this great privilege of serving Him by feeding the hungry, giving water to the thirsty and bringing the Words of Life to the lost. We have been so blessed. Folks have been generous beyond belief. Tom Raddell called Flip recently to see if OSA needed money. Flip said he was touched and overwhelmed at the attitude of sacrificial giving that has permeated this mission endeavor. He was able to tell Tom that, at the moment, we don't need a thing. This isn't due to the government, but to the provision of Lord God Almighty through His people.