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Hurricane Relief Update

Hurricane Relief Update
October 4, 2005

Flip, Faye and crew stopped in Birmingham and picked up Dave Lackey then met up with Coach Dave Daubenmire, the Breadman and the Gibber in Sulphur, LA. Flip said the first trip OSA made to Louisiana, they went to where food is sold by the pound, the cheapest way they'd found to buy it, and spent $4,600 to fill a 24' truckbed with food.

Now, he said, for $1,500, through Pastor Fritz's ministry, they brought a tractor trailer load of food. That's the price of gas for the truck; the truck drivers are volunteering their time to bring it down.

Flip said God wants to meet the physical as well as the spiritual needs of the people. He wants to show himself strong. When the church takes money from the government to do the things Christians are meant to do, feed the hungry and give water to the thirsty, that robs God of the glory He should receive.

“We just cut a swath down south to see the remedial judgment of the Lord, and to tend to the needs.” Flip said, “If we don't stop the murder of little boys and girls the judgments are going to get worse. God has more disaster than our federal government has relief. He's made it very clear that we've got to stop killing babies.” Flip said, “Now we're traveling north to take care of what's happening in Wichita, to confront George Tiller with his sin. Tiller is the guy who kills late term babies. He has a United Method pastor baptize the dead babies before he burns them in his crematorium. This, all under the watchful eye of the church of Jesus Christ in Wichita. This, all under the watchful eye of the business community in Wichita. This, all under the watchful eye of the courts and the Police Department in Wichita. IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO KILL A CHILD! The people of Wichita would rather have the approval of George Tiller than the approval of God. The silence in Wichita over the killing of baby boy and girl is deafening.

Mr. Tiller believes that he is a Christian. He's considered a member in good standing of the Reformation Lutheran Church.

If we don't repent, the hammer just gets bigger. All of us, beginning with the church, are under the judgment and wrath of God. God is going to end abortion in America . He desires that his people bring it to an end through repentance. But if they don't God is going to end abortion!