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Hurricane Relief Update

Hurricane Relief Update
October 2, 2005 

Flip is on the road to Birmingham today. He'll see Dave Lackey and spend the night, then travel on to Merryville, Louisiana tomorrow. Gib Killion just called him and told him there's several cities in southwest Louisiana that Hurricane Rita tore up that need food. Gib's got the OSA RV whose signs constitute a great commercial for Jesus. He's working with Coach Dave Daubenmire who's using Merryville as a staging area to take food into southwest Louisiana where it's needed.

Gib and Coach Dave say that the churches are doing an excellent job of opening doors and feeding people. The church has been the first responder; in many cases it's the only responder. Flip said, “FEMA and the Red Cross simply do not have the facilities that we have. Our God has friends in every city - lots of them!”

Flip told about Pastor Fritz http://www.eternalpowerinternational.org . “Pastor Fritz is one awesome man of God,” he said, “[through his ministry]tractor trailer loads of food financed by the Church, with not a penny coming from the government, are traveling to the hurricane victims. It's like God opened up the heavens. Truck drivers are driving it down for free. We're paying $1557 for gas for the trucks. It would have taken us 70 teams to bring in that much stuff.” Flip said, “Sometimes we think that we're all alone and nothing could be further from the truth; there are many brothers and sisters all over the country running to the roar.”

The church Flip and Faye attend prayed over them and about 20 OSA folks, and took a love offering to pay their travel expenses.

Flip, looking ahead to the Wichita event later this week, said, “If we don't take care of what's happening in Wichita the judgments are going to get stiffer and stiffer until we do take care of it. We must go to the altar of Baal and deal with this monster. We went to Wichita in 1991 again in '96 and 2001. Now it's 2005 and God is saying. ‘Deal with it!' and we're coming back.”