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Palm Bay Baptist Church Delivers Relief to Hurricane Katrina Survivors

Here is our report for Today's (September 28, 2005) Gospel relief work:  Pat Pinkston will be leading another team effort “to bring a loaf of bread in one hand and the Bread of Life in the other” next week.  Gib Killion is in Jackson, Mississippi now.  He just returned from bringing supplies to Pastor Bill Shanks in New Orleans last night.  He toured the city of New Orleans and related how bad it was in several places in the city.  He was stunned by the devastation in the city and could not find his way around because everything is rearranged (totally).

Gib will be bringing the OSA RV to Brother Bill who will use it as a place to house medical folks who will be coming into town.  He wants it right in front of the health clinic so that there will be no mistake that King Jesus is The Standard.  Our RV is a moving billboard for King Jesus.  Brother Bill also related to me what a blessing all of the folks from OSA, the Minutemen of Ohio, and several brothers and sisters in Christ, have been to the folks in New Orleans

Palm Bay Baptist Church Delivers Relief to Hurricane Katrina Survivors
As reported by Pastor Sam Greene

After 21 hours of driving, the team of twelve from Palm Bay was excited as they anticipated their arrival in Kenner, Louisiana.  Pastor Bill Shanks eagerly greeted the road weary twelve and quickly led them to a Medical & Dental Clinic that had been opened to use for distribution of the much needed supplies.

The items they delivered had been donated by many individuals who had suffered from the effects of two hurricanes that struck Palm Bay last year.  "It was amazing to see just how quickly God brought all of this together!" stated Pastor Sam Greene, pastor of Palm Bay Baptist Church.  In just four day's time the church sanctuary was overflowing with food, first aid, personal hygiene and clothing.  The church sanctuary had become a virtual distribution center as many hands cooperated in sorting and packing the boxes headed for Mississippi and Louisiana .

"We had just begun unloading some of the boxes late in the afternoon on Tuesday and before we knew it there were at least 30 neighbors that descended on us looking for help," stated Pastor Sam.  "Our prayers were answered as God was showing us that the neighborhood was coming to us and we had no idea how we could distribute the relief in an orderly fashion from a completely packed bus."

The team of twelve got up early the next morning and unpacked four vehicles full of emergency relief.  By 9:30 a.m. everything was unloaded and organized as area residents began to descend once again upon the complex.  By 11:30 a.m. there were two grills going as 200 hamburgers and 240 hotdogs with all the fixings for a meal began to be served.  For the next two hours Pat Pinkston and Lisa Greene labored over the hot grills as meal after meal was served to the residents of Kenner.  By 1:30 p.m. everything with the exception of the clothing was gone.  All of the food, personal care items, hygiene, diapers, toilet paper and first aid were gone!  "We came with the Bread of Life in one hand and a loaf of bread in the other!" exclaimed Pastor Sam. 

Other relief began rolling in on trucks as the Minutemen from Ohio and Connecticut had also been working to bring relief to the storm stricken survivors.  It was such a blessing watching the Minutemen, the folks from Palm Bay and even some of the area residents combining forces to unload the other trucks that rolled in filled with relief. 

By sunset Wednesday everyone was tired, but a group had gathered at the complex including two local pastors to worship the Lord God.  Souli, one of the young ladies from Palm Bay, led in praise and worship and Pastor Sam gave 'em heaven from the Word of God.  Everyone was reminded of God's sovereignty over the affairs of men and that even the wind and sea obey Him.  "Disasters like Hurricane Katrina should cause all Americans to look into the mirror of God's perfect law and evaluate what sin we tolerate in our own lives and in our own cities," proclaimed Pastor Sam.  "No one likes to face his/her own guilt, but it is necessary for each of us to do if we are to be in right relation with God."

By mid-day Thursday the group from Palm Bay was headed back to The High Place in Mississippi with a fresh load of relief that was to be delivered to Pastor Tony Duckworth and his people in Mt. Olive on Friday.  Special thanks to Coach Daubenmire and the Minutemen for sharing much needed relief with the folks who live in rural areas outside of Mt. Olive.  By 5:30 a.m. Friday the bus was again rolling toward Mt. Olive for a quick stop as the final destination of Palm Bay would not be realized until 3:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

"All in all it was a great blessing to go into such a hard hit area and minister to the needs of some of the survivors of Hurricane Katrina," said Pastor Sam.  "After 2,000 miles in a school bus, delivering over 20,000 lbs. of assistance, enduring long days in the hot sun and helping hundreds of Kenner's residents, we all were looking forward to a good night's rest in our own beds."  All of this was made possible because of the Lord's blessing and Flip Benham's admonition that spoke to Pastor Sam's heart:  "With the Lord's help, you can do this."  With the Lord's help, you can do this, too!