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Thanks in Aftermath of Hurricane

Thanks in Aftermath of Hurricane

Dear Rusty and OSA,

Thank you so much for your tremendous help to us for the hurricane Rita evacuees. We had about 335 that we fed and provided shelter for on Friday.

We have never done this type ministry before, but we see God's grace upon it. OSA providing 100 mattresses,100 pillows and blankets, and 200 sheets was a great benefit to the families that we have been serving this weekend. You also provided toiletries, toothpaste, and 40 cases of bottled water.

Some of these people had been on the road for 20 or so hours and were badly in need of a safe place to rest.

On Fri. evening, after dinner, we had what was anticipated to be a very brief church service in the sanctuary where the evacuees were. We sang a few songs, had a brief word explaining God's plan of salvation, and then asked for those to come forward who wanted prayer. There were approx. 50-75 that responded to that invitation. At least one young mom and dad rec'd Jesus for the 1st time that evening!

Rusty, thank you for helping us be aware of the need, and for helping enable us to think outside of the box of "normal"ministry, and for the practical help that you gave us to do it.  I t appears that a lot of these families (maybe 100-175 people) will be with us tonight also, as well as in church Sunday. Some may even need to stay until Monday.

God will be exalted!
Blessings on you all!
Ronnie Holmes