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Hurricane Rita – Another Opportunity for Christ

Hurricane Rita – Another Opportunity for Christ
By Flip Benham

We are ready to do whatever is necessary to bring Christ into the middle of any disaster or judgment from God. Jesus is the answer to whatever the problem may be – not our government. By the way, Wal-Mart, without governmental aid, plunged into the middle of the Katrina disaster in Mississippi , Louisiana, and Alabama and has done a tremendous job taking care of those stung by the ravages of Katrina. Why? The legacy of Sam Walton and his love for Jesus continues to drive this great corporation. Praise the Lord!

Now it appears that we will have another opportunity to bring the theology of the church house outside the four walls of the church, and allow it to become biography in the streets, this time in Texas. God has given us extraordinary opportunities to share His Word and provide for those who have been hard hit by these catastrophic storms. God is getting our attention. He has something to say, and our nation has thumbed its nose at Him all too long. He has been very merciful and patient with us calling us to return to Him, but we have been ever so slow to listen.

Our call as a nation is to repent – not to rebuild ! For those who are shouting into the wind and trying to attach blame to everybody for everything that has ever happened (talking heads in the media and politicians), we have one word – REPENT! Jesus said the same when confronted with some major disasters in His day, “…unless you repent, you too will likewise perish.” (Luke 13: 1-5). A nation built upon the principles found in the Bible and blessed beyond all comprehension by the God of the Bible - Jesus, cannot expect continued blessing when it turns its back toward Him.

When we kill His unborn children, euthanize the lame, handicapped, and old, elevate other false gods as equal to Him, and parade homosexual sin like Sodom, we are dragging God's Name through the sewer of our own sin. How can we possibly expect Him to continue blessing us? How can we not see His hand of judgment upon our land? What utter arrogance, what utter ignorance of the God of the Scripture.

A point to ponder: God knows how to make us cry. He will continue to stiffen His judgments until we cry out to Him. God has more disaster than our federal government has relief!