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Rusty Thomas on Hurricane Rita

Rusty Thomas on Hurricane Rita Relief

Dear Champion of the Lord and the Preborn,

The Lord richly bless you!  We are currently on track to getting the Thomas Nation Homeschool, the University of Righteousness, up and running.  At the same time our hearts our still stirred to continue the relief efforts in MS, LA, and AL.  Many doors are still opening and we plan to continue helping in the rebuilding efforts. 

One town in Kenner, LA that is located right near New Orleans has granted some government building space and a health clinic for the Church to use to help restore their devastated city.  The goal is to train the men of the community to take ownership for the rebuilding of their own communities.  The Church would be responsible to train these men with necessary educational and trade skills to accomplish this goal.  The Church would also have the privilege to disciple these men in Biblical manhood to fulfill their male responsibilities as husbands and fathers.  Please pray for this incredible opportunity to transform this city with the glorious Gospel of the Kingdom.

I talked with Flip Benham our National Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America about revisiting Kenner to check up on the progress of the vision.  As we were making plans, my home State of Texas came into the crosshairs of another monster Hurricane called Rita.  So, instead of visiting the disaster area once again, it appears the disaster area is visiting us.  We are not sure where it will hit, but currently it is a category four storm that will level any coast it visits.  The real concern is the path that it is on right now is heading toward the oil refineries in Texas.  If it hits that area, 26% of America 's oil and gas supply will be smashed.  This will not only cripple Texas, but it will have terrible consequences that will be felt throughout America.  If you thought gas prices were high before, we have not seen anything yet.

Right now I'm working with our local churches and our city government to deal with the countless evacuees that are heading north to escape Rita.  Approximately 100.000 cars have been stranded along I-45 and route 59.  They have run out of gas.  Many have been on the road for over twenty four hours and only traveled about fifty miles.  There is some chaos, fighting, and obvious disruptions breaking out throughout Texas.

Waco has put up five centers as shelters.  2 1/2 are full and more people are coming.  I've contacted some local churches to open their doors as a contingent plan to house more if necessary.  If you are a local Waco Pastor, please contact me if you would be willing to open your church to help as well.  Tomorrow the city of Waco will contact me with some specific items and needs to help coordinate the relief efforts in our city.

Brother Flip has committed financial aid to help Waco if it is necessary.  To those of you who may be also interested in helping financially or with the needed items please contact me to let me know what you can do to assist.  For now, I just need to know who would be willing to help.  Later after I meet with our city and know the specific needs, I'll contact you with that specific information and by God's grace we will set up the supply lines to meet the need.

For Katrina, we raised up water, food, toiletries items, toilet paper, Bibles, diapers, bedding, batteries, flashlights, and the like.  We probably will not be needing all these different items, but it will give you an idea of what the possible items might consist of.  For the churches, the main concern would be mattresses, bedding items, toiletries, and Bibles.  Please seek the Lord about being available to assist in some way as the needs are made known.

Pastor Sam Greene from Florida said it best when he visited LA., "I have a loaf of bread in one hand and the bread of life (The Bible) in the other hand.  May Waco be ready with both hands loaded and extended when the time comes.



P.S.  If you are willing please pass this message along on your e-mail list.  Thank you!

To contact Rusty email elijahmin@ifriendly.com or call 254-836-1037