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The Media is Lying to You

The Media is Lying to You
Report from Flip 

The media is lying to you about what's happening in New Orleans. They're showing you all these snarling faces. We were in the New Orleans area yesterday. The police let our seven vehicle caravan loaded with food and water pass with out a problem. We went to Kenner where Brother Bill Shank's church is. The mayor of Kenner was on TV the night before. He said, “I'm not giving one penny to the Red Cross or FEMA ever again! We need help and there is not any help.” When he made that statement on TV, Bro. Bill told me, “We've got to go!”

We have thirteen folks here from Georgia with the assistance of Frank Campana. They are fathers and sons dressed for battle in their fatigues. These men brought a loaded trailer and truck. Pastor Mark from Wichita and another group from Wichita are here with supplies.

When we came to New Orleans, we expected it to be what the media proclaimed it to be, a bunch of snarlin', spittin', whinin', angry people. That may portray the politicians, who have their own agenda, and there may be pockets of what is being portrayed, but it's not the New Orleans we saw. It is not the people of New Orleans.

We were one block away from Bro. Bill's church. We had the sound system and were proclaiming the Gospel. The people we saw weren't blaming, spitting, and fuming. They were thankful to God for sparing their lives, and when we encouraged them, they were proclaiming the Name of Jesus.

As we began to praise the Lord at a store front in Kenner, the Chief Administrative Officer of Kenner started to praise the Lord, too. The men and women in the Fire Department started praising Him. We brought 25 sheets, we brought mattresses and pillows donated by the Saints to the Kenner Police Dept. A lot of the guys are volunteering their time; they are sleeping on the floor. For the first time in Operation Save America history, we provided goods for the Police Dept rather than them providing goods for us!

Several hurricane survivors gave their hearts to Christ! The Law of God convicted their hearts and they turned it all over to Jesus. We asked them if they can get to heaven from New Orleans and they said they supposed they could. What we saw was this gratefulness to God….I've got my life, my family…I'm thankful to God. I told them we're coming down here from NC, TX, KS, FL, GA, OH, and I reminded them that “We're praying for you. God has given us these things and we're giving them to you in the name of Jesus. We're going to be here with you.” They had sweet countenances. I told them, “If the media would only show how you truly are.” The people of New Orleans said, “We're sick and tired of the media lying about us. That's not us!”

Saints, the harvest is great! Let's pray that the workers not be few!