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OSA-Wichita Report Sept. 8

OSA-Wichita Report Sept. 8

Dear Saints,

I just received word from Pastor Mark.  He and Martin are heading back from New Orleans.  He likened this to going into battle.  You have one plan and the plan changes.  They had to adapt, and adapt they did.  They listened to the Lord and He directed their path.  After needs were taken care of at The High Place, they headed south.  Pastor Bill Shanks got a call from Kemper right outside of New Orleans and it was a "MAY DAY" CALL.   The convoy took off.  They had 7 vehicles in the pack.  They crossed a bridge that was so long it took 45 minutes, at regular speed.  As they got closer they pulled off and found a Walmart truck that was unloading food and water.  They combined and put up the sound system and started preaching.  It wasn't long and they had won the hearts of the people from Walmart and they joined forces.  One third of OSA Leaders stayed there and the others left and started going to the neighborhoods.  There are thousands still on the outskirts of New Orleans desperately in need of help.  A police officer was assigned to our men and so they had a police escort through the streets.  All the people were so grateful and kind.  We handed out Bibles and shared the love of Jesus.  Pastor Mark has many more details that we want to share with all you who gave and we need to go back.  In the city of Kemper there was no Red Cross, no Salvation Army and no FEMA.  Praise God that our men arrived and Jesus gets all the glory.  We will keep you informed.  People don't have to qualify, there's no red tape, they get what they need physically and spiritually. Praise the Lord and thank you, His people. 

Donna Lippoldt