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Sept. 6, 2005 Report

Flip and Curtis drove all night Monday night. They're bone weary and so glad to be home. Tom Raddell is leading the charge in Mississippi/Louisiana until Saturday when Flip will return.

Sept. 6, 2005 Report
Flip Benham with Brenda Spurlock

OSA has established an additional base 180 miles south of The High Place at Harahan, Louisiana. It's in the epicenter of the devastation wrought by hurricane Katrina and is convenient to Gulf Port and Biloxi. Vincent Bruno, head of Homeland Security in Kenner, LA, has a huge building that he's allowing us to use in Harahan at 1100 Hickory Ave. The building has electricity and running water but no cots, bring bed rolls.

We're asking big rigs with supplies to go to Harahan. You're welcome to eat, sleep and shower at The High Place before traveling on to Harahan. Contact Mr. Bruno at 504-319-7262 before you get into Harahan to let him know you're bringing in supplies.

For those bringing supplies in who don't have big rigs the very best thing is to go down south from The High Place and ask a policeman the best place to take supplies

Things that are scarce include toilet paper, women's hygienic items, diapers, and wipes.

We're encouraging evangelism teams, like the father/son teams who were here, who will come down and bring Bibles and religious tracts, who will pray and pass out supplies in the name of Jesus. The message to hurricane survivors should be that they've been looking to the government and they need to be looking to God.

Yesterday at Mount Olive, about 40 miles from Mendenhall, MS, Shad Harvey, Deputy Sheriff of Covington Co, was so gracious to us. He said, "Thank you so much for not forgetting us.” He got inmates to help us. Within 40 minutes we had all the manpower we could use. We had all kinds of good food to pass out, cans of beef stew and corn…

Stan and Ellen from north of Wichita packed up their trailer and headed for The High Place with 8,000 pounds of food and clothes. They had several blow outs along the way because of the weight. They arrived Sunday. Flip had met their son at Witherspoon Institute with Judge Roy Moore. He told his parents about OSA.

Following is a list of contacts who can advise on where to take supplies:

Shad Harvey, Deputy Sheriff of Covington Co. 601-765-8281 or 601-765-4216

Smoky McCloud in Mendenhall 30 mi. south of The High Place 601-847-2921

Mayor Richard Neely of Mendenhall 601-847-1212.

Miss Alicia from Mt Olive 601-434-0517

Cedric Floydd, Asst. to the Mayor of Kenner outside of New Orleans 504-468-4090