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Dear Pastor and Friend of the Unborn,



Royce Dunn, the Founder and National Director of Life Chain, has long been a friend of Operation Rescue/ Operation Save America. He has presented a powerful appeal to the pastors of the greater Charlotte area. Not only is Royce's letter a prophetic call to pastors, but an inspirational reminder to us to remember who we are in Christ and what we are about. See you at the gates of hell in Charlotte - they cannot not prevail!

Dear Pastor and Friend of the Unborn,

Before this letter reaches you, Satan will have targeted your response and is almost certain to parade his arsenal of excuses before you.

Please be ware, for a momentous opportunity awaits you. On July 12-20, pastors in the Greater Charlotte Area will have the opportunity to seize incalculable victory for your city-and for America, also, through your exemplary witness. Key to that victory is leadership that only you the appointed "Watchmen" for Charlotte can provide, as thousands of wounded pro-life lay leaders across America would affirm.

I therefore respectfully urge you and your congregation to join Operation Save America's spiritual battle lines at three local death centers during July 12-20. Please, please do so, whatever the hurdles that Satan may erect in your obedient path. The July warfare may prove intense, but it will remain legal, compassionate, and assuredly God honoring.

The willful killing of each pre-born American citizen defiles God's holiness and defames His holy name, as God Himself set forth in Leviticus 18:21 and companion verses. Who can seriously doubt that legalized killing of the innocent has paralyzed the Church in our day and that the paralysis will end only when our nation's preeminent leaders-the anointed Shepherds of America-resolve to end it. Absent that resolve, legalized child killing will very likely end catastrophically for our country-as did the curse of slavery. Dare we risk that option?

For the Church to conquer legalized abortion, after three decades of apathy and denial, the excuses Satan has used to silence pulpits and immobilize pastors must cease. Looking forward to that day, I fervently hope the Body of Christ in Charlotte will bond with Operation Save America to drive the curse of legalized killing from your city and to set a standard for other metropolitan areas to follow. Thereafter, prospects for an historic revival throughout the Charlotte area-the revival you are probably praying for-will be greatly enhanced.

Thank you, dear friend in Christ, for reading this letter and for prayerfully considering my fervent plea. Indeed I extend to you my abiding appreciation.

In His Service, gratefully,

Royce Dunn
President of Please Let Me Live
Founder-Director of Life Chain