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Abortion - Who Is Most Responsible - The Strategy

Abortion - Who Is Most Responsible:

Specifics: Quick review of what to do and you need.
Beginning Date: Sunday, January 20, 2002
Continuing Date: Every third Sunday of the month.
Target: The most evangelical churches in the community. The Bible believing, Jesus teaching, Pro-life Church of Jesus Christ.
Time Sunday Morning Services.
Number of People: Minimum of five people, two to hold graphic signs (one of baby Malachi, one of live baby), one to hold Scripture sign, two to pass out brochures (Life Dynamics brochure, Establishing Bloodguilt brochure). The more saints the better.
Graphic Signs: Can be ordered from OSA or Chet Kilgore.
Scripture Sign: Jn 11:35, "Jesus Wept." Gal 4:16, "Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?" Ezek 35:6c, "…since you did not hate bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you." Hos 4:2-3, "…bloodshed follows bloodshed. Because of this the land mourns…"
Reason: Judgment begins in the House of God. It is only as the Church of Jesus Christ repents and turns to the Lord that God will hear our prayer, forgive our sin, and heal our land (2 Chron 7:14). Unfortunately, God's Church does not yet realize that she is the one with blood on her hands (Isa 1:15).
Goal: Abortion will end in this nation when the Church of Jesus Christ makes up her mind that it is going to end. Not one second sooner. Our desire is to love our Lord's church enough to confront her with the horrible fact that she has innocent blood on her hands. Her repentance over this sin will move the hand of Almighty God. Godly sorrow over her apathy and indolence toward preborn children will bring repentance. This will produce earnestness, indignation, and a desire to see justice done (2 Cor 7: 8-11).
Cities: By January 20th we hope to have saints in over 100 cities joining with us as we bring the Gospel of Christ to the gates of our Lord's Church.
Key Scripture: The kings of the earth did not believe, nor did any of the world's people, that enemies and foes could enter the gates of Jerusalem. But it happened because of the sins of her prophets and the iniquities of her priests, who shed within her the blood of the righteous." Lamentations 3:12-13.
Contact Person: John Reyes (972) 494-5316.