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As We Walk Along the Road


As We Walk Along the Road
Some of Flip's Thoughts as the "Walk" Continues
Paraphrased by Kristene O'Dell

Hear O kings! Give ear O princes...The highways were deserted, And the travelers walked along the byways. Village life ceased, it ceased in Israel…They chose new gods; Then there was war in the gates; Not a shield or spear was seen among forty thousand in Israel…Speak, you who ride on white donkeys, Who sit in judges attire, And who walk along the road. Far from the noise of the watering places, There they recount the righteous acts of the Lord, The righteous acts for His villagers in Israel; Then the people of the Lord shall go down to the city gates." Judges 5:2-11.

The "Walk Across America" started out in simple obedience to the call of God. As it has progressed, God has encouraged us with His truth in surprising ways. We all understand the importance of the white horse. When a king comes riding on a white horse, it is a time for judgment and vengeance. For those with eyes to see, we see the horrific remedial judgments America is under. We understand the significance of "Judgment the Horse" in this living parable that God has called us to. For many of us, we thought we understood "Mercy the Donkey" as well. We understand that God longs to be merciful to us if we would only repent of our wicked ways in this nation and once again stand on what is right and true according to God’s Word. What surprised many of us was that "Mercy the Donkey" was white. We thought donkeys were brownish-grey. It was as we were reading through our Bibles in the book of Judges that we saw the meaning behind "Mercy the Donkey" being white. "Speak, you who ride on white donkeys, Who sit in judges attire, And who walk along the road." Judges 5:10

Matthew Henry’s Commentary states that those who rode on white donkeys, which were more rare and valued than other colored donkeys, were those of nobility and importance. They had a responsibility to speak to the hearts of the people during a time when idolatry had brought great calamity upon Israel . He goes on the say that those who sit in judges attire needed to take heed that the sword of justice, which brings peace and security, not be struck out of their hand by the sword of war. And finally, may those who walk along the road find safety instead of thievery as they mediated upon the righteous acts of the Lord and turned their hearts toward God.

We couldn’t help but see application to the message that God has given us to live out as we continue this journey. We in America have "chosen new gods." We are being ransacked by the enemies of Christ at every gate. Our only hope is the mercy of our Lord, but mercy cannot be had apart from justice. We must repent of our idolatry in America and return whole-heartedly to the God who made us great. This is our message as we walk along the road.

We have many accounts of the Lord’s righteous acts that have been given to us. We have the Law, the Psalms, and the Prophets. We have the words of Jesus in the New Testament. We have even been given the history of our nation as men laid down their lives for the Lord so that America could be established. We have much to consider and recite and it is incumbent upon us, the Church, to speak these things, knowing that God desires to establish His justice in America through His merciful hand. It is as we recite, meditate, and take to heart the righteous acts of the Lord that the people will go down to the city gates. We must willingly offer ourselves to the Lord’s will and fight the battles that are wreaking havoc upon us.


Only the Lord knows the measure of importance that the "Walk Across America" has been given in the grand scheme of things. We have noticed very interesting occurrences around us. A week after we left Palm Springs, CA and the Mohave Desert, it was predicted that a large earthquake will hit late summer in that very area.

About that same time, two news items were reported back to back that seem unrelated, but struck a chord with us. In Philadelphia , there was another school shooting. The story that ran directly after was about the Columbus sniper being arrested in Las Vegas . We saw the correlation immediately. We knew we had an OSA contingent scheduled to go to Philadelphia in May to be a witness at the ACOG conference. This is a conference for the American College of OB /GYNs where many who attend are abortionists. "…bloodshed touches bloodshed." We are also headed to Columbus, Ohio for our national event in July. What made this news even more profound was that we were headed toward Las Vegas (where the sniper was caught) at the time.

After we left Las Vegas, a black out hit the Belagio. This is one of the ritziest hotels in Vegas. For three days commerce was disrupted in one of the largest money makers in Sin City. On Monday, May 10, 2004, we crossed the Colorado border into Kansas . That evening, 6 tornados hit throughout the state all at once. Could all these things be coincidental or is God speaking loudly as we continue to walk along the road?

"Awake, awake, Deborah! Awake and sing a song! Arise, Barak, and lead your captives away!" Judges 5:12. It is Deborah who encourages and prophesies to the hearts of the people, but it is Barak, the General of the Lord’s Army, who must arise and be triumphant in the battle. Let us hearken to the voice of the Lord from California to Washington, D.C. The gates of hell shall not prevail as the "princes in Israel " pick up their shield and spear that have been discarded and take the lead.